How many languages do you offer?Transparent Language offers over 100 different languages to learn through Transparent Language Online. You can check out a complete listing of all the languages we offer online at https://www.transparent.com/personal/transparent-language-online.html#available-languages.
What are the dialects and/or regions of the languages you sell?Spanish – Latin American
French – Parisian
German – High German
Arabic – Modern Standard Arabic
Armenian – Eastern
Albanian – Tosk
Italian – Northern Standard
Chinese – Mandarin
Irish – Connemara
Malay – Kuala Lumpur
Azerbaijani – Baku
Croatian – Zagreb
Dutch – The Netherlands
Polish – Poland
Russian – Moscow and St. Petersburg
Latin – Classical
Hebrew – Modern Standard Hebrew
Swedish – Sweden
Are your proficiency tests available to purchase?No, we do not sell our proficiency tests. They are available free, and anyone can take them at any time to get a general knowledge of their proficiency level in a language.
How do I unsubscribe from your emails?You may unsubscribe from our emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you received. You can also send an email to info@transparent.com with the subject line "Unsubscribe" and we will unsubscribe you.
How to request to be forgotten from BlueSnapBelow is information how to request to be forgotten according to article 17 in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for both Transparent Language Online and BlueSnap. It's important to know that Transparent Language Online and BlueSnap are not connected systems so if you need to submit a request to be forgotten it should be done in both systems.

To be forgotten in Transparent Language Online you need to review our Privacy Policy and follow the instructions there: https://support.transparent.com/?page_id=606. The information below is to assist with users who would like to request to be forgotten from BlueSnap. Please follow the instructions provided by BlueSnap and if you have any questions contact BlueSnap at shoppers@bluesnap.com.

Step 1: Access this link: https://support.bluesnap.com/page/shopper-faqs

Step 2: Click on "Log into your BlueSnap Shopper Account"

Step 3: Login

Step 4: Navigate to Manage Cards Page below and delete any stored cards should there be any.

How to request to be forgotten from FastSpringStep 1: Go to your Manage Orders page ( https://transparentlanguage.onfastspring.com/account).

Step 2: Click on Subscriptions

Step 3: Click on Manage and then Cancel Subscription

Step 4: Click on Account Details and Payment Methods

Step 5: Click Manage and then Remove