Using Products

Where do I go to log into my Transparent Language Online account?To login, go to and type in your user name and password.
What do I do if I forgot my user name and/or password for my Transparent Language Online account?That's OK, you can look it up online at Click on Forgot User Name or Password.
How do I use Transparent Language Online?Transparent Language Online is an innovative system will help you learn a language quickly and easily. Just follow the instructions below to get started:

1. Go to

2. Enter in your user name and password, then click Log In.

3. Look in the upper left corner of the screen, and make sure the language selection is set to
the language you'd like to learn. If it's not, select that language from the drop-down

4. Did you notice the Learning and Resources buttons at the top of the screen? Those will be
your gateways to the many features of this program. To begin, click Learning.

5. For most languages, My Learning Path will automatically populate with content. You can
start anywhere on your path that you'd like. You can also add more content to your
learning path by clicking Browse to the right of My Learning Path. To add more content
to your learning path, simply browse for the content you'd like to add and then select the
+ button.

6. To start a lesson, click Learn next to the lesson on your learning path. Once you've
launched a lesson, you'll see some objectives. Read through them, then click Start
Learning to begin the first activity. Work your way through all the activities, using the
Next Activity button at the end of each one to move to the next. (Alternatively, you can
click Menu at the top of the screen to select any activity you want.) After you've
completed all lessons in a unit, take the assessment to see how well you've mastered the
Be sure to try all the activities to build your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills!
If you need help, click ? in the upper right-hand corner for detailed activity instructions.

7. After you've completed some lessons, go to the Learned chart on the right side of your
dashboard to see information about all the words and phrases you have learned so far.
(You can easily get to the dashboard at any time by clicking the Transparent Language
logo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.) Your learned words and phrases are
divided into two groups: fresh and stale. You should refresh your stale items regularly to
be sure you don't forget them.

8. When you want to try something a little different, click Resources. This section provides a
variety of exciting language and culture resources, many of them focused on social
interaction. Depending on your language, you may find Facebook communities, Twitter
feeds, culture blogs, Word of the Day services, and others. Explore them all to expand
your language experience!

9. Of course, you can't be at the computer all the time. So, what do you do when you want
to practice your new language on the go? You Go Mobile with handy smart phone apps.
Click the Go Mobile button in the upper right corner of your screen for information about
iPhone™ and Android apps that you can use anytime and anywhere.

10. Whenever you need more information about any of the features in Transparent
Language Online, see the online help file for details.

So there you have it - Go through the lessons on the Learning section, check out the
Resources section, and Go Mobile when you can't be at the computer. Have fun! We're confident you'll enjoy and learn from Transparent Language Online.
Where can I find more information on using your products?All of our products include online help files that you can consult for detailed instructions. If you have a question, such as how to type special characters or how to use a particular feature, check whether the online help has the answer. In most products, the online help is available from a button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and/or from the Help menu.