I can’t access the courses. All i get is a blank black screen. What should I do?

This problem can occur with Transparent Language Online (Connect) for a couple of different reasons, mainly:

  • Adobe Flash is not installed/out of date
  • Your browser/Adobe Flash cache needs to be cleared because of bad/old data.

The first thing to check would be your Adobe Flash Player. Please go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer to download the latest version of Adobe Flash. Once you have downloaded the file please run it to install Adobe Flash. After installation is complete try to log in to your Transparent Language Online account and access any Essentials/Quick Start/BYKI vocab section. If you still only get a black screen you will need to continue below and try clearing your browser/flash cache.

First: Clear your Adobe Flash Cache

1. Go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html
2. When the flash box loads, clear “Delete All Sites”

Second: Select your internet browser and follow instructions below.

Clearing cache in Google chrome:

  1. Click the button with 3 Horizontal lines
  2. Select “History”
  3. Click on “Clear browsing data…”
  4. Next to “Obliterate the following items from:” select “the beginning of Time”
  5. Select all the check boxes
  6. Click on “Clear browsing data”

Clearing cache in Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to “Start” and select “Control Panel”
  2. Open up “Internet Options”
  3. Click the “Delete” button.
  4. Select the “Temporary Internet Files” and the “ActiveX
  5. Filtering and Tracking Protection data” check box
  6. Click the “Delete” button

Clearing cache in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. In a Firefox Browser, go to “History” and select “Clear recent history”
  2. Under the “Time range to clear” drop down, select “Everything”
  3. Click the “Details” arrow
  4. Only the “Cache” option needs to be selected
  5. Hit the “Clear Now” button

Clearing Cache in Safari

  1. Click on Safari in the upper toolbar and Select Empty Cache.

OR (for newer versions of Safari)

  1. Click on Safari in the upper toolbar and select Reset Safari.
  2. Check off all boxes and click Reset.
  3. Restart browser.

Once this has been completed attempt to log in to your Transparent Language Online (Connect) account and access the Essentials/BYKI Quick Start/BYKI Vocabulary sections. If you still have this issue please contact Technical Support by email: support@transparent.com